25mm napoleonic british - infantry 24 figs - inf (16763)
25mm napoleonic british - line 19 figures - inf (29396)
25mm napoleonic british - line 36 figures - inf (28207)

Help Scout empowers customer-centric businesses with tools that make every interaction more human and helpful.

25mm napoleonic british - regulars in indian 10 figures - inf (32074)
25mm napoleonic french - 1 gun & limber - art (24965)
25mm napoleonic french - artillery 4 guns crews - art (18488)
25mm napoleonic french - cuirassiers 16 figures - cav (31794)


Look and feel matters

Replace robo-emails and ticket numbers with emails that were clearly sent by a real person. Fast, friendly, and above all, customer-first.

More about the help desk

25mm napoleonic french - grenadier a cheval 8 cavalry metal - cav (7635)
25mm napoleonic french - guard grenadiers 24 figures - inf (29462)
25mm napoleonic french - infantry 24 figs - inf (21405)


Connect with customers

Beacon is your all-in-one customer companion, making help docs, messaging, and chat available right on your website.

More about Beacon

25mm napoleonic french - light 12 figures - inf (26065)

A chatbot that helps

Help Bot won't waste your customer's time. It's only there to connect you with a real person.

25mm napoleonic french - line grenadiers 24 figures - inf (29460)

Give customers a choice

When chat is available, customers can reach out using the channel that works best for them.


Look smarter in meetings

Intuitive, built-in reports make for valuable “aha” moments with your team and your boss. No coding or customizations required.

25mm marlburian french - artillery 2 guns & crew metal painted - art (4428)

25mm napoleonic french - regiment 24 figures - inf (35567)
25mm napoleonic french - revolutionary mob 24 figures - inf (27607)


Connect Help Scout with all the things

Explore 50+ integrations that make your day-to-day workflow more efficient and familiar. Our extensive developer tools might also strike your fancy.

25mm napoleonic generic - cuirassiers 12 cavalry metal painted - cav (5796)

Trusted by more than 9,000 businesses in 140 countries.

25mm medieval burgundian - archers (plastic) glued in 16 figures - inf (35180)
25mm napoleonic prussian - infantry 24 figs - inf (18777)
25mm napoleonic russian - 2 guns & crews - art (28232)

“We don't take ourselves too seriously, but seriously enough to ensure we're creating the best product and experience for our customers. I feel like Help Scout does the same.”

Amy, VP of Customer Experience


25mm napoleonic russian grenadiers 32 figures {10} (18442)
25mm renaissance imperialist - 12 gendarmes cavalry - cav (21536)

“We chose Help Scout because their support is really great. It's in line with our values and how we want support to be for our customers.”

Kristin, Head of Customer Support


25mm roman era gauls - heavy 10 figures - cav (29198)
25mm roman era roman - archers 18 figures - inf (28089)
25mm roman era roman - late 18 auxiliaries figs - inf (10059)

“I’m not sure how I would be able to do support - at Zapier or anywhere else - without Help Scout.”

Hoon, Customer Support Pro


25mm roman era roman - legionaries 24 figures - inf (32903)
25mm The Hobbit WDS painted Goblin Captain gg14

Our people make the difference.

We’re an extension of your customer service team, and all of our resources are free.

25mm Warhammer 40K DPS Painted Chaos Space Marines Aspiring Champion AP6109
25mm Warhammer 40K DPS painted Eldar Wraithguard AP4461

World class 24x6 Support

These friendly and knowledgeable folks are available via email and chat.

200mm resin Figure model 1 9 scale sexy uniformed girl R735 Resin Kit garage kit
25mm Warhammer 40K DPS painted Space Marine Primaris Heroes AP5785
25mm Warhammer 40K WDS painted Death Guard Death Guard Poxwalkers b35